A​llow Divine Guidance to assist you in becoming who you are truly meant to be...


is to teach others that you do not have to choose between Christianity (belief in God) and being "Spiritual".  You can be both.

Our gifts ​are from God - the Oneness - Universal Mind, and are to be used to help self and others.

The energy is neither good nor bad... It is how you use it.


is to live in a society that is filled with love and understanding. We cannot accomplish this all in a day, 

but we can strive for it by teaching, and learning, one individual/one spirit at a time.

Learn to live​ in a state of Gratitude.


Thank you for visiting Mystical Pathways.  

I am a channel and find it just as easy to do 

phone readings as face to face. I use tarot, 

but use my gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience

 and Clairsentience as I read. 

Sometimes we are unable to say "goodbye" to 

a loved one, or we did not have a chance to tell 

them how much we love and appreciate them. As 

a spiritual medium, I am able to contact spirit on 

your behalf, to offer you closure or to allow you to 

say what you need to say.


I have studied the Chakras from an early age. 

Now I do Chakra clearing and balancing to promote your physical, mental and emotional well-being. 

This can be done in a group or individually, 

in person only.

Have you ever wondered if you have lived past 

lives?  Let me help you discover the information that 

you carry within your spirit. I am a trained clinical hypnotherapist and I am certified in Past-Life Regression. These sessions are approximately 2 hour sessions and are in-person only.

As a natural Clairvoyant/Medium, I enjoy teaching others and sharing my gifts. I teach Meditation, 

Chakra Balancing, Creative Visualization and Psychic Development. I am available to do group sessions 

as well as individually.

It will be my pleasure to assist you in any of 

these areas.  My fees are reasonable and you 

may call for more information. I look forward to 

hearing from you soon.

Many Blessings,  Tawny