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February 2019

Healing energy radiates throughout the Universe. Doctors certainly have their place in society, but there are other methods available to assist us in healing ourselves and others. Use your mind in a positive way to direct and accept the healing energy that God/Universe provides.  BELIEVE! Have Faith! Open the door for the energy to flow from God 'The Great Physician' to and through you, healing your body, mind and spirit:  Pray, Visualize and Affirm your healing and good health.

Show Gratitude

February 2019

Always remember to show gratitude for the blessings you have in your life.  This opens the door for God/Universe to continue to shower you with blessings and will allow you to manifest the things in life that you do want and not what you don't want.

Acknowledge the adverse situations you have, and show gratitude for them as well.  Without the negative there is no positive. These are learning situations and without them, you will not grow and evolve.

Happiness is a Choice

February 2019

No one can 'make' us happy.  True happiness lies within.  Practice meditation, prayer and affirmation to plant the seed of happiness and watch it grow and bloom within you.